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HIPAA for Caregivers provides ways to further pursue specific areas of interest.  We offer articles on these subjects:


    • HIPAA Hints – How caregivers can best approach HIPAA, to their benefit
    • Family Education – Helpful hints for families with loved ones experiencing mental health conditions
    • Advocacy – Information about HIPAA for Caregivers efforts to change policy
    • Personal Stories – Accounts from caregivers that others can learn from
    • In the News – See where HIPAA for Caregivers is making news!


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Secondary Traumatic Stress in Caregivers

Secondary Traumatic Stress in Caregivers

We’ve all heard of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. However, a family member living in support of a loved one with a mental health condition often faces another form of stress disorder – compassion fatigue. This is also referred to as “Secondary Traumatic Stress,” or STS.

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Patient Consent:  No Signature Required

Patient Consent: No Signature Required

As the parent of a young adult with mental health issues, I’m no stranger to the hospital psychiatric unit. I’m usually numb with worry, waiting for information about my daughter. Of course, providers don’t share any information. This is because my daughter won’t . . .

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